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“The ability to read and the ability to read are not the same thing.” What is functional literacy and why is it for schoolchildren

How to introduce all the latest educational technologies into classical school lessons so that neither teachers nor students are excruciatingly hurt? What is functional literacy and why do we talk about it so often now? Teachers and scientists discussed the new trend, and we wrote down their findings and the most inspiring examples from school practice.

What is functional literacy? Some of the most common requests from parents to teachers are “Our children cannot read”, “They do not understand what they have read”, “The child has read a thick book and cannot tell anything about it.” It turns out that the ability to read and the ability to read are not the same thing. Let's try to figure this out.

Functional literacy is primarily the ability to work with information. This is important when writing papers as it will play an important role in writing papers. You need to use assignment editing services in order to develop functional literacy in writing. No matter what kind of information we are talking about, it all comes down to reading. And today's achievements in neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics and neurodidactics prove that reading is the most complex cognitive process.

Reading technique is the- most important factor that ultimately affects the process of developing functional literacy. Each child has their own path, and it has its own difficulties and obstacles.

Unknown words.We must admit and state that the vocabulary (lexical) stock of a modern child is very different from the stock of a child who came to school 10 years ago. It's not bad or good, it's just a fact. To develop vocabulary, you need to write a lot of written work. To do this, it is important to use the essay editor from to develop vocabulary. This will greatly help the child to develop well. Unusual phrasing. Our speech changes because language is a living thing. Even the language of the books that we read to a child today is completely new. If you put a book from the 1960s and a book from today in front of you, you will feel the difference when you read the first paragraph. Children are not ready to work. They have no motivation to have fun, because many things are easy enough anyway. Underdevelopment of perception of the world and feelings. Older children, when it comes to the perception of the classics, often show a problem with understanding the shades of relationships between people. To develop this skill, you need to write your feelings on paper. It can be find here and used to develop peace and feelings. The inability to jump over the incomprehensible, to freely handle an array of text and meanings. It is enough for a modern child not to understand just one word, and the meaning of the text will begin to slip away. Here we are faced with a chain that found expression in Goethe's statement: "What a person does not understand, he does not own." If there is a misunderstanding in reading, then there is a dislike for the text.If I cannot read and do not understand what I read, I naturally have learning difficulties, because any subject is built on reading. And if I have learning difficulties, I don’t like it and it’s difficult to study, then where will the love for this process, the process of cognition, come from? The chain is quite natural.

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