Toda.Day[2] California

Toda.Day[1] Toronto

The inception of Donations on Toda (Donations.OT) came from bringing together the minds behind XPO2 (Exponential, Inc) and the Toda.Network team where it was evident that no single donation technology could  achieve the impact it intends without collaborating with existing charities and NGOs with the same vision. At Toda.Day '18, Saul (former CEO of Donations.OT) presents the newly created venture with Toda.Network and describes what the platform could achieve for XPO2 and any other NGO who wants to achieve social impact with transparency and efficiency.


Saul Bowden (former CEO)

​Saul is a freelance writer who specializes in making the complex comprehensible. He has helped businesses demystify blockchain technology, sell innovative products and services and explain the latest trends in Cyber-security.

Sacha Lansky (CTO)

Sacha is co-founder of the Queen’s Blockchain Innovation Community, whose aim is to educate and connect students, professors and local entrepreneurs with all things blockchain. With a strong passion for decentralized technologies and artificial intelligence and an academic background in CS, he has served as project manager for a number of private and open source projects.

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