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Records On Toda

Decentralized Record Management Platform 

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Toda.Day[2] California

Toda.Day[1] Toronto

Records on Toda (Records.OT) is a platform for the Toda.Network ecosystem to enable decentralized management of records of any type. Luke and Connor have been working on a software solution for health record management and have been thinking for quite some time about bringing their vision for health records to enabling a broader solution for any type of record (e.g. business records, governmental records or personal records of any type). On TodaDay'18, they presented this vision and the excitement for being part of Toda.Network's ecosystem.


Connor Achison (CEO)


​Bringing several years of experience in entrepreneurship, Connor holds a Masters in Health Administration and has a passion for bringing technology that works to the people that need in the most.

Dr. Luke Boudreau (COO)


​As a chiropractic clinician with 20 years of practice, Dr. Boudreau has extensive experience in education and administration in the healthcare space. Over the years, his exposure to the healthcare helped build his passion for fixing the current issues with patient record management. 

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