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Mind On Toda

Decentralized AI Engine Fueled by User-Built Ontologies

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Toda.Day[2] California

Toda.Day[1] Toronto

Mind.AI paves the way for a novel approach to AI. With their own patented technology, they require decentralized technology to build ontologies for their AI engine that will have many use cases in the future. On Toda Day '18, John and Reeyan presented Mind.OT Corp, a joint venture between Mind.AI and Toda.Network and how using Toda.Network's technology can help mind scale efficiently using Toda distributed computing in a decentralized BFT setting that ensures ongoing evolution is secure by design. 


Paul Lee (CEO)

Paul is a medical doctor turned tech entrepreneur. He co-founded IWC (Curely & Kuddly), expanding its operations and media reach in Asia. Paul is a graduate of Exponential and Future of Medicine at Singularity University, earned his medical degree from the Catholic University of Korea, and was a Lieutenant Doctor for the Republic of Korea Army. He founded OXEC, an online education platform that helps students prepare for prestigious universities around the world, after completing his studies at the University of Oxford.

John Doe (Chief Scientist)

John started programming a computer the summer after 8th grade, with an Apple ][+ computer, in AppleSoft BASIC. He taught himself Pascal and Assembly Language (the first of the 15+ languages he would go on to learn), and had a thing or two to show his computer teachers. After high school came Carnegie Mellon University, its world famous Mathematics/Computer Science curriculum, but also a year as an intern, where he gained some real-world experience. After graduation, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, right during the dot com boom. When that bubble burst, he found his true calling in life: to build the world’s first true artificial intelligence. Working out of the spotlight like Einstein at the patent office, he spent well over 12,000 hours in developing the paradigm that makes up MIND today. And though the road to the far hill of True AI hasn’t always been smooth or straightforward, his life’s work is finding footing in the real world.

Reeyan Lee (CTO)

In a previous position at GE Healthcare, Reeyan lead their mobile software development team. There, he met someone from outer space, who founded JNP Lab, and Reeyan decided to join him on the journey he was on, and became part of the company. As lead architect, and lead iOS developer, he has produced software platforms that have challenged and changed the technologies of healthcare and pet care industries. As an encore, he is now working with his mentor from 10 years, to develop a new artificial intelligence paradigm. To change the world.

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