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Polls On Toda

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Toda.Day[2] California

Polls On Toda (Polls.OT) provides a blockchain-based polling platform that allows organizations, businesses, and civically minded individuals to set up and disseminate surveys in their local communities.

Tudor Mihailescu (CEO)


Tudor is a civic tech entrepreneur and researcher on a mission to democratize the polling space through blockchain technology. PhD In Political Science, Co-Founder & Community Development Lead at GovFaces, visiting scholar at George Washington University, contributor, TEDx Speaker, Forbes Europe 30 under 30 honoree, member of the National Press Club, Washington D.C.

Ravi Patel (CTO)


Ravi is a Data Scientist and Software Developer with 10+ years experience, natural language processing and sentiment analysis at Infegy, Co-Founder and CEO of software consulting firms Laplacian and Datasense, CTO at Galleon Labs, BS in Computer Science.

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