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Cybersecurity On Toda

Decentralized anti-spam mechanism for any communication device

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Toda.Day[2] California

Toda.Day[1] Toronto

Cybersecurity on Toda (Cybersecurity.OT) puts forth a novel way of creating security layers for communication devices. As an initial step forward, Security.OT plans to develop an anti-spam mechanism using decentralized technology to disincentive malicious senders of information.


Ken Huang (CEO)


Ken brings extensive experience from the cybersecurity space and has been involved in a number of blockchain conferences and projects.

Grace Huang (CFO)


Grace has a background in Entrepreneurship and is working towards a dual concentration in Computational and Mathematical Finance + Global Business Management at Babson College. Her passion for new technologies which has brought her to DataRobot and previously Softbank Robotics. She has worked at Huge Inc, The Executive Centre, Senator McCain's office and as an IT Technician for Babson College in the past. She is also an investment manager at DFG, a blockchain VC firm based in San Francisco. 

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