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YouBase On Toda

Decentralized Online Identity Management 

Website coming soon

Toda.Day[2] California

Toda.Day[1] Toronto

YouBase on Toda (YouBase.OT) is the birth of a blockchain powered platform to give users control of the data that identifies them online. Leonard and Josh from the YouBase team presented their vision and mission on TodaDay'18 and outlined the need for a decentralized protocol like TODA to make their product useful and function in the way they intend. Stay tuned for more updates!


Leonard Kish (CEO)

Neuroscientist turned Healthcare entrepreneur, author, leading voice driving a patient-centric health system and network effects, Leonard has many hats from which to chose from and brings years of experience of entrepreneurship.

Josh Robinson (CTO)


As leader in cryptography, Josh has a background in healthcare startups and brings expertise on blockchain programming with a passion for sovereign identity management.

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