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Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Features Toufi Saliba and Mind.AI

This summer, the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit welcomed Toufi Saliba, CEO of Toda.Network, Paul Lee, CEO of Mind.AI and John Doe Chief Research at Mind.AI to speak on a panel at the summit.

The panel explored subjectivity and artificial general intelligence (AGI). It panel kicked off by discussing what artificial general intelligence actually is and that some of its defining characteristics include adaptability and reasoning.

Next, John went on to explain what the team is focused on,I including how Mind.AI uses units of reasoning and unstructured data for AGI. The team describes what reasoning actually means, and Paul breaks down what the different components of reasoning are:

Abductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning

He then describes how each of this is crucial in order to be able to say that a machine can truly reason.

Toufi followed this by sharing his background, what drives his interest in this area and what he believes some of the goals should be of this technology. He also explains what the TODA Protocol is and why it can drive the future success of blockchain.

The panel also explores the weaknesses of AI and how the issues can be reduced with quality information and how the machine will be educated to improve these outcomes. This also includes a discussion around what bad information and negative outcomes are and how they can be avoided or removed. They also then discussed and how good information can be incentivised in the community and why we should not fear these innovations.

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