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Smart Cities Summit Asia Welcomes Toda.Network

On September 18-20, the Smart Cities Summit was held in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. This is Asia’s leading exhibition for smart city technologies, where both companies and delegations from over 200 cities worldwide gather to build people-centric smart cities together.

Toufi Saliba, CEO of Toda.Network was invited to speak, and he shared background and key predictions for blockchain and its potential impact.

Blockchain currently has less than 0.2% penetration in the market, meaning that despite the significant hype around the technology - it is not truly revolutionary yet. However, the promises of the blockchain are simply too good to pass on. Over 150 verticals can benefit significantly from the attributes of this technology.

However, we aren’t there yet, and in this talk - Toufi explains why, and what we can do to make that final, crucial leap to truly benefit from the promises of blockchain.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Bitcoin was exploited over five years ago, and $5.4 billion dollars of wealth has been extracted by miners

  • Smart cities and self-sustainability

  • What kind of jobs will blockchain eliminate?

  • Can you regulate crypto?

  • How a protocol works and how the TODA Protocol enables value transmission

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