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What is the TODA Protocol? A Brief Interview with Dann Toliver

In this short interview, Dann Toliver, Chief Technology Officer of Toda.Network and Co-Author of the TODA Protocol, explains what the TODA Protocol is - and for what kind of use cases it is a particularly good fit.

The TODA Protocol is a decentralized protocol that can be used to manage objects and their ownership while also allowing one to guarantee the uniqueness and proof of ownership of that digital object without a centralized list such as a database or a ledger.

He explains that the benefit of decentralization is that it reduces the friction caused by the lack of trust between users or entities in a system. This is because it removes the need to offer an incentive a third party to provide that layer of trust

He then explains further that TODA could be a great solution when a problem involves proving or transferring the ownership of something. This is especially true if there is expected to be a high volume of low-value transactions. This is because unlike a ledger-based system that has a linear cost increase, TODA has a log cost instead, so the more users on a system there are, the more scalable it is.

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